ISAS Downloads

  1. BioImage Suite
  2. Healthy Normals
  3. ISAS Scripts
  4. Sample Patient Data
  5. Image for HAI

BioImage Suite

BioImage Suite can be downloaded here. Detailed ISAS BioImage Suite instructions can be found on this website.

Healthy Normal Database

The Healthy Normal Database is a collection of 14 ictal-interictal SPECT image pairs, from normal subjects. With this dataset, SPM is able to estimate how much random variation can be expected when two scans (ictal-interictal) are obtained on different days. The scans are available in Analyze format as well as preprocessed (realigned, spatially normalized, masked and smoothed) by SPM2.

Healthy Normal Scans in Analyze Format

Place these files in any directory (we recommend something like C:\ISAS\Healthy_Normals). You will have to remember this directory and modify the first line of the healthy_normals_location.m script so that the HN selection can be automated. The images in the Healthy Normal SHOULD NOT be modified once they have been downloaded. Each .img file should be 1,763 KB and have a modification date of "4/6/2004 1:18 PM"
We gratefully thank Drs. Thomas Kosten, Karen Tucker and Christopher Gottschalk, for providing the healthy normal SPECT scans from their prior work, and for allowing us to publish the scans with this study.

SPM2 Scripts and ISAS Customized SPM Files

We provide the following files to automate the use of the pre-processed Healthy Normals Database and reduce data entry errors. We also offer some scripts that facilitate the masking and display process. Be sure to save these files and place them in your SPM2 directory, in some cases replacing files of the same name.

NOTE: The ISAS code will not interfere with the normal operation of SPM and Matlab, however, to avoid overwriting your current SPM files with ISAS scripts you may wish to backup your SPM directory.
NOTE: To download the MATLAB script files (ie. spm_normalize_ui.m, spm_spm_ui.m, ...) you should right click their names and choose Save Target As... (or Save Link As.. for mozilla browsers).

  • SPM2

    As of 3/13/2007, SPM2 is no longer being updated. According to the SPM website "All the updates for SPM2 have been combined into the spm2.tar.gz file that you get when you install SPM2. If you have an old version of SPM2, then it is advisable to re-install the spm2.tar.gz file. Note that no more updates will be created for SPM2. Therefore you may experience problems with newer versions of MATLAB or newer computers. We encourage you to try SPM5, which is where we currently focus most of our developments."

  • healthy_normals_location.m (3KB)

    This script is used to locate the Healthy Normal scans on your computer. If you placed the Healthy Normals in a location other than the default ( C:\ISAS\Healthy_Normals ), then modify line 13 of this file so that the folderlocation variable is properly set to the locations you have chosen. Examples of how to change the folderlocation variable are provided in the comments in this script.

  • spm_spm_ui.m (88KB)

    This file needs to replace a file of the same name in the SPM2 directory. Before placing the ISAS spm_spm.ui.mat file in this directory you may want to backup or rename the original that will be replaced.

  • spm_mask_files.m (3KB)

    The spm_mask_files.m script enables you to select a single mask file and apply it to multiple images. For instructions on the use of this command see the masking section of the analysis details. Place this file in your ..\spm2 directory.

  • spm_flip.m (1KB)

    The spm_flip.m script enables you to easily flip images before ISAS analysis. This is sometimes necessary in group analyses. Please see the FAQ page for instructions on its use. Place this file in your ..\spm2 directory.

  • chg_vx.m (1KB)

    The chg_vx.m script enables you to change the dimensions of your images to facilitate analysis. Please see the FAQ page for instructions on its use. Place this file in your ..\spm2 directory.

  • slice_overlay.tar.gz (12KB)

    The slice_overlay package is developed and distributed by the imagers group at MRC-CBU. It incorporates a display_slices.m script used when you wish to display the results of an ISAS analysis on multiple slices of a template MRI. In order for the display_slices feature to work you need to download the slice_overlay (link above) package and extract its contents in your ..\spm2 directory. For further instructions refer to the slice display page on the MRC-CBU imaging site. We provide instructions on using the display_slices feature in the template MRI overaly section of the ISAS page describing how to display results.

Data for Sample Analysis

Here we provide you with the scans for one subject (Patient #2 in McNally et al., 2005) in order to practice ISAS. The scans are in Analyze format and all the results for this subject are described in the Sample Analysis section.

Binary Mask Images for HAI

In order to calculate the HAI as described in the Instructions, you must use binary mask images that correspond to both the right and left hemisphere. These binary mask images are available in .zip format here.

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